Expanded size range of the Sérac Hat: adult, child, and baby.

Expanded Size Range for Sérac

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were full of joy and included some respites for knitting and creating. There are so many new patterns, projects and tutorials in the works for this year that I can’t wait to share with you. I am also resolving to post more often here on the website – even if it’s just a quick update showing my latest WIP (‘work-in-progress’) or a new yarn I’m playing with. In 2019 I was more active on social media (@chicorysticks) and the ‘blog’ section here became somewhat neglected. My hope for 2020 is that I will stop by more regularly in both places!

The news for this week is that I have re-released the Sérac Hat pattern with an updated size range that includes kids and adults. If you previously purchased this pattern on Ravelry you should have received an email and/or a message in your Ravelry account with a copy of the updated pattern.

When I first put this pattern out last May it was only sized for newborns and infants and I included a promise that I would create more sizes later on. So here they are! Head circumference and yardage required:

Newborn: 13-16in (33-41cm) / 100yd (90m)

Infant: 15-18in (38-46cm) / 110yd (100m)

Child: 17-21in (43-53cm) / 150yd (135m)

Adult: 19-23in (48-58cm) / 170yd (155m)

Adult Large: 21-25in (53-63cm) / 190yd (175m)

I tweaked the original Infant size a little and also added a note which details how to further modify the pattern with horizontal and vertical repeats.

Another way to adjust the final outcome is to simply use a different needle size. For example, I followed the same set of directions (newborn) and used the same yarn line (Madelinetosh – Tosh Merino Light) for the two pink hats below – but worked the dark pink one using US 2 (2.75mm) and the light pink one using US 3 (3.00mm). You can see how much bigger the light pink one is! I was really surprised at the difference and it’s still a little too big for my 3 month old. (You can see the details for all of these hats on the Ravelry Project’s Gallery.)

Comparison of newborn-sized Sérac Hat made with US 2 (2.75mm) and US 3 (3.00mm) needles.

I hope you enjoy the new size range – since after all, is there anything better than matching family hats?

P.s. – Don’t forget that there is a matching blanket to go with these hats. The blanket is sized to fit car seats, strollers, and babies in general – but I would be happy to help you modify it to a larger size!

Sérac baby blanket knit is gray alpaca.